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Ghost Writing & Book Editing

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Ghost Writing — You're the expert in your field. I'm a master of the written word. Together, we can create a quality book of high value to your customers.

Book Editing — You've captured your expertise on paper, but now what? Hire an experienced editor to make sure that you're delivering a high impact product.

Genres Served:

  • Memoire/Biography
  • Travel
  • Self-Help/Motivation
  • Business
  • How-To Guides
  • Technical Publications
  • Creative Nonfiction

"The authors do a fantastic job of giving a visual account of the uniqueness of the towns-people, the villages, the countries and the cultures. The beauty of the landscape, the difficulty of the journey and the individual experiences that each narrate is awe inspiring, incredibly amusing, and greatly entertaining."

— Melissa Koltes, Rebecca's Reads, review of Ups & Downs by Don & David Kassin Fried

"David's creative writing is always well structured with a strong sense of character and pacing. He brings characters alive with warmth and empathy. He is equally skilled at expressing non-narrative ideas; his lucid presentations provided the concise organization we needed to convey the wealth of material he created."

— Matthew Chase, Art Director, Changes

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The Ghost Writer’s Process

  • Gather all the facts and stories
  • Research the topic
  • Research the audience
  • Interview the lead author
  • Work to ensure only the best product fills the pages
  • Communicate frequently
  • Ask tons of questions
  • Send drafts, and then re-work them as necessary

The Substantive/Development Editor’s Process:

  • Read the book/manuscript
  • Re-read it, and re-read it again
  • Sit down with the author to discuss the overall structure and organization
  • Reorganize and/or restructure the book as necessary
  • Identify:
    • Weak examples
    • Extraneous information
    • Areas that need more emphasis/explanation
    • Words, sentences, paragraphs, or chapters that are difficult to understand
  • Continue to work closely with the author, for the most professional product
For information on copy editing and proofreading services, visit the Editing & Proofreading page.

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Three Keys to a Successful Book:

  • Think about your audience: Always know who your audience is and where they’ll be reading your book. A successful book doesn’t exist for its own benefit, but to fill a need – so if you can keep the needs of your audience in mind, and always look from their point of view, then you’re already moving in the right direction.

  • Organization: Most people don’t just get into a car and drive – they figure out where they’re going first, and if it’s somewhere they’ve never been before, they use a map and/or directions to lead the way. Similarly, the first thing to do on your book is outline the whole thing, so you know where you’re going and how.

  • Edit, edit, and edit again: When writing Ups & Downs, my co-author and I spent about a year editing it. From first to final draft, we cut about 15 of the first 20 pages. It’s important to be ruthless, keep looking at it with a fresh perspective, and figure out if each sentence, paragraph, or chapter can get the point across quicker than it does.

How Self-Publishing a Book Can Boost Your Business:

In the words of Dan Poynter:

Starting with a field you know, then researching it further and putting on paper will establish you as an expert. Then your expert standing can be pyramided with interviews, articles, TV appearances, talks at local clubs, etc. Of course, most of this activity will promote your book sales.

In turn, all this publicity not only sells books, but also opens more doors and produces more invitations, leading to more opportunities to prove your expert status and make even more money for yourself.

— Dan Poynter’s Self Publishing Manual

In short, you use your book to sell your business, and you use your business to sell your book.

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From the onset I was impressed with David's abilities to respond to ideas, with structure and insight.
Matthew Chase, Art Director, Changes
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