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"I hired David to edit the first book I have ever written, Babies Can Smell Fear. From the first conversation I knew I wanted to use David. He understood my goals and helped me acheive them. The editing portion of the hire exceeded my expectations. He was thorough and creative, without compromising my theme and content. Where he really impressed me was his dedication to the project outside of his job description. He helped me with the title, subtitle, and answered alot of questions from a first time author. I will use and recommend David in the future."
Chris Sandahl, Author, Babies Can Smell Fear

"I asked writer David Fried to help me with my 4th printing of a little book called STAR Performance. I invited him to edit the copy, and to edit or expand on my list of Career Passions. When I finally worked with the copy myself, I was struck by how brilliant his ideas are. He helped me improve upon definitions I have used for more than 7 years. I'm a small business--no, a micro business--and I watch my dollars carefully. David's work was worth every penny and more. I will be asking for his copy help on my next writing project! I would highly recommend his work, whether you need copy from scratch, or just some fine polish to your own writing."
Catherine Jewell, Author & Career Passion Coach

"David quickly grasped our "story" and was able to articulate it powerfully, both on the web and through a chapter in a recent book that included our story. David works with both grace and diligence in putting ideas into words, and his level of commitment to his work shows up in the results he produces. He is easy to work with and completely reliable, going above and beyond what is promised; a truly professional complement to any business."
Gayle Reaume, Owner, The Money Academy

"David handles the late-stage proofreading for The Freeman. He's always accessible, responsive and straightforward when it comes to deadlines--and most important, of course, he meets them. Always catches a dozen things I missed the first four or five times I read them; always draws my attention to other things I needed to think about. Adds value, particularly since these things become more significant as the publication cycle progresses."
Michael Nolan, Managing Editor, The Freeman

"David took a concept I had, listened to my requirements, and came back with material that was a million times better than I had planned for. He got my job done in half the time I expected and within the original budget we discussed. If you need writing, you need David."
Louie Helm, Owner,

"David was critical to our success in qualifying and documenting our new equipment. From test documentation to service manuals and marketing material, David's work was of the highest quality. He was very reliable and efficient and worked very well with our team with little guidance, I would highly recommend David for any writing/editing position that he would seek."
Steve Dodson, Vice President of Manufacturing, Metrosol

"From the onset I was impressed with David's abilities to respond to ideas, with structure and insight. He quickly understood what we wanted and found new ways to express it, while adding his own creativity and wit. He immersed himself in research and quickly became an indispensable source of knowledge on the genre in which we were working.

David's creative writing is always well structured with a strong sense of character and pacing. He brings characters alive with warmth and empathy. He is equally skilled at expressing non-narrative ideas; his lucid presentations provided the concise organization we needed to convey the wealth of material he created."
Matthew Chase, Art Director, Changes

"He quickly became a mature and valuable member of our team, willing to tackle any task, no matter how big or small, and happy to do it with a smile. David can always be counted on to contribute to any project, and the results he produces are to the best of his ability."
Franck Guilloteau, Chief Technology Officer, Health Care Concepts

"I hired David as a proofreader for my new book, but he offered valuable editorial insight and guidance far beyond that. He delivered my project on time and had a tremendous impact on the final quality of the book."
Lori Lovens, Author & Innovation Coach

"The authors do a fantastic job of giving a visual account of the uniqueness of the towns-people, the villages, the countries and the cultures. The beauty of the landscape, the difficulty of the journey and the individual experiences that each narrate is awe inspiring, incredibly amusing, and greatly entertaining."
Melissa Koltes, review of Ups & Downs by Don & David Kassin Fried, Rebecca's Reads

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