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According to the Editorial Freelancers Association, common rates for copy editing range from $25-50/hr. Rates for substantive editing are $40-80/hr; for proofreading, $25-$35/hr; and for writing, $50-100/hr.

Since the line can get kind of blurry, and I do all of the above, it's very difficult to quote an exact price, or even a price range for your project. Though my rates will always fall within the above guidelines, for a six month project, the per-hour rate will be less than for a one-day project. For technical writing, it will be more than for proofreading. Some people prefer to pay by the page, while others prefer a per-project contract.

For that reason, I ask that you contact me for a project quote. That way we can discuss the variables, and I can provide you with an actual estimate – or a guaranteed contract – that meets both our needs. I am 100% committed to providing you the best possible value, and I firmly believe that this is the best possible way to do that.

Contact DKF Writing Services, Austin writer, editor & proofreader, for a free quote.

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