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Editing & Proofreading

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Copy Editing – Also known as “line editing”, a copy editor guarantees the clarity and consistency of each sentence.

  • Verify grammar
  • Clarify confusing sentences
  • Fit the document to the style guide (A.P., Chicago, etc.)
  • Check links, dates, spelling of proper nouns, and other error-prone items

Proofreading – A proofreader performs the final check before the document goes to print.

  • Spelling and punctuation
  • Major grammatical errors that would affect the image of the publication
  • Check the Table of Contents against page numbers
  • Verify dates, names, credits, headers, and footers, particularly in periodicals
  • Comb through indexes

"David handles the late-stage proofreading for The Freeman. He's always accessible, responsive and straightforward when it comes to deadlines--and most important, of course, he meets them. Always catches a dozen things I missed the first four or five times I read them; always draws my attention to other things I needed to think about. Adds value, particularly since these things become more significant as the publication cycle progresses."

— Michael Nolan, Managing Editor, The Freeman

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From the onset I was impressed with David's abilities to respond to ideas, with structure and insight.
Matthew Chase, Art Director, Changes
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